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Sunday, August 5th 2012

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Related article: Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 17:04:04 +0000
From: Douglas DD DD
Subject: The Boys of Lady Lex Chapter 32Welcome back loyal readers. Sorry for the long delay between chapters, but
you were forewarned. Mid-terms and other things (like friends and family)
keep getting in the way of writing. But here, finally, is the next chapter.
Chapter 32 starts a bit of a change in our pattern. Usually Ben writes the
odd chapters and Douglas writes the even. Chapter 32 starts a string of 3
straight chapters written by Douglas. It took a while to get through our
competition with the "Orion". We hope you don't mind and we hope you enjoy
the games. The Boys of the Lady Lex
Chapter 32
"Preliminary Madness"
Written By Douglas DD and Benjamin T. CollinsSATURDAY, MAY 14thCaptain Hatcher sat in the lounge of the Beachside Hotel in Ocean Lakes. He
was a little early for his meeting with the other two captains who would be
involved in the preliminary games between the "Orion" and the "Lexington."
He ordered an iced tea and looked teen porn games online out the picture window at the pool and at
the ocean beyond. The Beachside wasn't yet open for business and housed only
the cadets of the "Orion." He had already marveled at the luxury and
amenities ggw teen flash tits of the brand new hotel. He had also noticed the contrast between
the accommodations the cadets of the two ships enjoyed. He had certainly
stepped on some powerful toes when he started the Lady Lex project. And he
was certain nobody had ever expected the teen free videos porn
Lady Lex to get this teen porn games online far. He was
proud of his crew and of his cadets.The first captain to show was Orrin Watson, the captain of the battle
cruiser "Bon Homme Richard", which had entered orbit Wednesday afternoon.
The xxx teen porn gallery crew of the "Bon Homme Richard" would be providing the referees and
judges for the contest between the two academy ships. While at times there
was talk of using professional officials for the contests, the command
structure of the SFA liked keeping the entire administration of the contests
in house. The crew members acting as judges and referees had all undergone
training at some time at professional workshops and stayed up-to-date with
videos and cyber simulations. They all took their roles seriously.Hatcher greeted Watson as teen lesbian porn movies he entered the lounge. The two captains didn't
know each other well, but had dealt with each other professionally when
Hatcher was captain of the "Excalibur". Watson was a big black man with a
rumbling bass voice and a loud, hearty laugh. He had been first in his class
on his junior academy ship and second in his class at the Academy. He ran a
good, tight ship and his crew was fiercely loyal to him. Hatcher had free shaved teen porn been
pleased when he heard Watson's ship was going to be the supervising ship. As
bad as things were going for them on Phosphorous Prime, at least he wouldn't
have to worry about the refereeing or the judging. He knew it would be fair,
impartial, and professionally done."Steven!" Watson bellowed in his loud, open manner. "Great seeing you
again!" He shook Hatcher's hand firmly and took a seat at the table. The
bartender silently appeared next teen lesbian porn movies to their table and Watson ordered a large
mug of draft root beer."So, you've gone from commanding a ship-of-the-line to baby-sitting a
juvenile detention center. So far the mighty have teen xxx tryouts fallen. At least Hunter
got himself the cream of the junior academy ships."Hatcher felt his heart fall a little at Watson's comments. He had expected a
more unbiased assessment. "It sounds like you don't approve, Orrin."Hatcher laughed his loud laugh and said, "Oh my, I'm sorry I left you with
that impression, Steve. Actually, I love what you're doing for two reasons.""Oh?""First, I know you see it as paying back what was done to help you," Watson
said seriously. Hatcher had never tried to hide his own background and it
was common knowledge among the command staff. "Secondly, I just love how
you've managed to tweak Whitaker. I don't think he ever expected you to get
this far. Nobody in the fleet did. The money supporting your ship is coming
out of his command account, and I know he's cursing every dime you've
spent," Watson said, his big contagious laugh returning.Or every dime we don't spend, Whitaker thought, but he laughed along with
Watson. Watson's comment explained a lot. Hatcher had always thought Admiral
Whitaker had found money in the general fund sexy teen sluts porn to pay for the Lady Lex. The
fact that the money was coming from the admiral's command account helped
explain the animosity teen boys nude Whitaker had for the Lady Lex. But it didn't explain
all of it. After all, it wasn't the admiral's personal money, and wasn't dirty teen sex
account set up for out of the ordinary expenses approved by the admiral?Hatcher decided to change the subject, a decision he immediately regretted.
"How's the family, Orrin?""Wonderful. Abbey is finishing her senior year at the academy. She's fourth
in her class and has been assigned to the `Ranger' after graduation. Quite
an assignment for a new Ensign. Thom is a senior on the `Gettysburg' and
will be attending the academy next year, and Wally, our little vacation
mistake, is in seventh grade at the Leonard Bernstein School of Junior Arts
in New York. Wally is first in his class right now and a hell of pianist. hardcore teen xxx He
won't ever be a spaceman and he's madly in love with a boy cello player, so
if he goes that route he won't be giving me and Adrienne any grand kids
either, but we love him and are as proud of him as we are our space academy
kids."Hatcher blanched some as he listened to Watson describe his youngest child.
"And how are your wife and kids. I hear you have some of them with you on
the `Lexington'.""Yeah. My wife is serving as our nurse, but Mark is actually here as a cadet
on the `Orion'.""Don't you have another son on the Lex....," but before he could finish his
question he saw two cadets coming out a door and into the pool area. Both of
them were wearing the orange speedos all of the "Orion" cadets were issued,
but the distinctive thing about them was their bright purple skin creating a
contrast of colors. Watson stared at the cadets, looked at Hatcher, looked
back out at the two purple cadets who were being joined by two more
purple-skinned cadets and roared out his biggest laugh of the morning."Kazon powder?" Watson asked Hatcher."Well, let's say a little rivalry has developed between our two ships,"
Hatcher answered."A little? It's beautiful. Why didn't we ever think of that when I was in
the JA!. I hope you caught the perps and nailed their ggw teen flash tits asses to the deck.""We did. We dragged their asses out of bed this morning.""And I hope you and your senior staff celebrated!""We did."Watson laughed hot teen amature porn his big laugh again as Captain Chase Hunter entered the
lounge. Watson got out of his chair and gave Hunter a hearty handshake."Chase!""Orrin!"The two captains had once served together on two different ships. Under some
circumstances Hatcher would have been concerned, but he also knew Watson's
reputation. Their friendship would not be a factor on how Watson's crew
handled its supervisory tasks.Watson pointed out the window and said, "I love your new look, Orrin, though
I don't know whether or not it's regulation."Hunter laughed and sat at the table, ordering a soft drink. "There's a
reason my senior staff and I stayed in the cabins by the beach rather than
in the main hotel. Still. a few of my more junior officers teen free webcam porn
will be battling
the purple plague for a few days. We found our own pranksters, and they're
being punished for their little foray. I put on the required act about the
prank, but I was genuinely angered about the tone of the sign. That was
dealt with separately." Hunter told Watson about the furniture on the
ceiling. Watson laughed yet one more time commenting on how this assignment
was getting more and more interesting every minute."You gentlemen almost make me want to semi-retire and become the captain of
a JA ship.""The `West Point' is due to be commissioned by the second semester of next
school year."Watson laughed again and said he still having too much fun doing what he was
doing."By the way, I got the cleanup bill from hotel." Hunter pulled a piece of
paper out of a pocket."I'll take it," Hatcher said, "though I have no idea where we'll get the
money to pay it.""Not to worry," Hunter said, "I negotiated to have the crew of the `Bon
Homme Richard' stay here and had it all billed to the ship's account,
figuring the extra income would take care of the bill.""You did?" Watson said a bit wide-eyed."Gotcha, Orrin," Hunter said, and both men laughed again, Watson's echoing
throughout the room. "Actually, I told them you would send a work detail
here sometime this week to help with some of the grounds work, and I signed
an agreement to make this a preliminary venue again next year. I hope you're
in agreement with that, Steve.""Works for me. The hotel free teen porn thumbnails will have kids from our ship between events all
week.""Under guard I hope," Hunter said, taking away some from the levity the two
captains had been enjoying.The captains ordered dinner and spent the next hour swapping stories and
sometimes watching the purple skinned free teen porn thumbnails boys swimming and playing at the pool.
Their visit ended with the arrival of the XOs from the three ships. Amanda
Creevey (Lexington), Alan Reed (Orion), and Drake Marco (Bon Homme Richard)
entered the room together, followed by the junior COs and XOs of the two
academy ships.The XOs had been spending the past few days working with the junior COs and
XOs, along with various grade department heads planning the times and sites
of the games and events. They all felt prepared for the opening of the games
the next day.Todd asked for permission to speak. His purple skin cast a strange glow in
the dimmed lights teen porn games online
of the lounge."Captain Hatcher, and other members of the `Lexington' crew," he said,
referring to Creevey as well as Mike and Johnny. "I wish to offer the
apologies of my crew for the unfortunate remarks our sign made regarding the
cadets of the `Lexington'. Those remarks do not reflect the attitude of the
crew of the `Orion'. We all hope for a clean and hard fought competition
between our two academy ships.'Hatcher accepted the apology on behalf of his crew, noticing with that the
apology did not include sticking the furniture to the ceiling. Todd's words
had been carefully chosen. Mike and Johnny shook Todd and Rich's hands as
acceptance of the apology, but they too detected the note of insincerity in
them.All of the planning had been done. Tomorrow the competition would begin.SUNDAY, MAY 15thTHE ggw teen flash tits BIG BOARD FOR SUNDAY:Schedule of Events:1. Opening ceremonies
2. Uniform inspection
3. Basketball Game 1
4. Swimming preliminariesThe opening ceremonies started with the cadets of the two deutsche teen porn crews marching
around the track of the new track and football stadium built for the new
high school in Ocean Lakes. Of course the planners built it on a scale
designed to some day attract the JA Olympics.The cadets of the "Lexington" couldn't help but once again be angered at
their treatment as they teen porn games online saw the facilities the "Orion" cadets had enjoyed
all week. They also couldn't help but notice the difference between their
hand-me-down uniforms and the crisp new dress uniforms worn by the "Orion"
cadets. Uniform inspection certainly wasn't going to garner them any points
based on uniforms alone. The Lady Lex cadets could only hope that having
purple skin was against uniform regulations.The cadets stood at attention as Captain Hatcher and Captain Hunter each
made their opening statements, by statements from Johnny and Douglas of the
Lady Lex and Todd and the main speaker of the "Orion", Christie Hammond, a
senior. Douglas talked about how the spirit of competition made them all
better cadets and Christie talked about the bond that could be created
between the two newest ships as a result of the competition. The cadets of
both ships knew the speeches were all bullshit and they pretty much tuned
them out as they stood patiently at attention in the hot sun, thankful there
were strict time limits on all the speeches.The boys were then subjected to uniform inspection by officers of the "Bon
Homme Richard". Following the inspection they marched off the field and to
the camps set up for their respective ships.Because of the light first day teen lesbian porn movies schedule many of the cadets planned on
watching the first game of the basketball competition. The gym not only had
a large group of cadets in the bleachers, but also some of the men and
officers of both ships as well as the "Bon Homme Richard". Douglas and Ben
were both surprised to see officers and men wearing the patch of the "Cape
Intrepid" as well. They knew that it was not unusual for ships to need porn teen rape some
kind of "repair" or "refueling" at a planet where preliminary games were
being held so officers and men could cheer for their old JA ships for at
least a day or award winning teen porn
two. Since the "Lexington" and the "Orion" had no alumni they
were surprised another ship had stopped at Phosphorous Prime. They learned
later that the "Cape Intrepid" was a supply ship and indeed had legitimate
business restocking and refueling both the Lady Lex and the "Orion".The boys of the Lady Lex were somewhat deflated when they saw the "Cape
Intrepid's" crew taking seats free shaved teen porn on the "Orion" side of the gym. 2 lips teen lesbians It was obvious
to them their reputation had driven away any support from that crew.The game ended up leaving little to cheer about. Both teams had put together
basketball teams in a hurry and neither captain wanted to break up a team
they had already been working with to man the basketball team. The "Orion"
showed its depth, however. It simply had more boys and the boys had more
athletic ability than those of the Lady Lex. The final score was 59-25. The
JV squad lost 70-14. The Lady Lex didn't even score in the first quarter.The only other competition that day was the swimming preliminaries held
later that day in the natatorium across a courtyard from the gym.The Lady Lex boys who had stayed to watch and participate were bussed back
to Ghent. After dinner some of the boys played games in the games room that
had been set up for them, some read, some did homework, and others chatted
or napped.Douglas and Ben had their room to the themselves. Like all of the boys, they
missed their privacy. They knew each of the "Orion" cadets was teen porn gallires sleeping in a
luxurious bedroom with their regular roommate, with the junior CO, XO, and
each grade department head having a private bedroom. The only boys from the
Lady Lex having a private room were Johnny and Mike, with Mike asking for a
second bed so Ryan could sleep with him. It was the first time since being
arrested they were able to have true private room together.Ben kissed Douglas, petting him with his hands, running them over his
lover's back, free extream teen porn front, stopping often to rub his pubic area. "I want you so
bad, Douglas.'"I want you, too. You know as soon as we start anything somebody will walk
in.""So? It's not like they don't know about us. And it's not like this room has
been hiding things under the covers." Sharing the room with Ben and Douglas
were Travis, Alan, Gary, Cody, and Eric, none of whom was adverse to a bit
of show and tell jerking off or even the sharing of a BJ or two in the
evening. Ryan had been the eighty boy, but his bed was now empty as he slept
with Mike. The sex play had never gone past that, however, as the boys
stayed away from kissing and fucking. Douglas and Ben were sure Eric and
Cody wanted to go farther. Nobody was really sure where Travis, Alan, and
Gary stood on the issue."You're always looking at the dark side of things, Douglas. Let's just do
it,"They turned the lights out and squeezed into Ben's small bed. In a lot of
ways, Ben still hadn't come down from hearing the news that he and his
brothers weren't responsible for the death of Kiran. He and Douglas didn't
fully understand the science of the anomaly, or how Douglas had ended up in
that moment in the past, but the theories they heard seemed to center around
the connection of the anomaly and the strong emotions both boys had been
feeling on their own. What he knew was ever since Douglas's return from the
past he wanted to show Douglas is gratitude in the worst way."It's time," Ben said."Time? Time for what," Douglas said.."Time for me to make love to you," Ben said."Here. In this dump? I thought we were just going to get naked and teen titans porn teen suck each
other.""I've been so connected to you I need the final connection. The physical
one. I need it here. Tonight. I can't wait any longer.""Then now it is," Douglas said, kissing Ben lightly on the lips.Douglas grabbed Ben's head and upped the intensity. He kissed Ben hard and
rolled his boyfriend on top of him. "I love you so much," Douglas whispered.The two of them kissed and twisted on the small bed. The found places to
lick, to nibble, to kiss. They let their hands explore freely, finding ways
to send chills coursing through their partners. Ben's fingers found teen free videos porn their
way into Douglas's butt, loosening it up, massaging his secret sweet spot,
making his lover groan with pleasure."I love you, Douglas. I love how you stayed with me when it got bad. I love
how you brought me back.""You brought yourself back. teen porn gallires You were back when I returned.""Whatever you say. Some of the officers think the anomaly amplified my
emotions. It latina teen pussy
makes it sound like they weren't real, that I didn't really
feel the way I did. Do you believe that? ""No, I don't. I think everything you felt came from your heart. I think
maybe Kiran was connecting with you through the anomaly, and that made you
feel them more, but what you felt was real.""I think you're right. Do you ever wonder what had happened if you'd been
able to stop those guys from killing Kiran?""Yeah, a lot. But I didn't. I guess it's good enough to know I wanted to do
it, even if I couldn't.""You probably would have lost me, you know.""I know. It wasn't easy being there having to decide what to do. I hope I
never have to make a decision like that again."Ben kissed Douglas. "Do you think they believe you? That me, Trev, and
Andrew weren't responsible for Kiran's death?""I don't know. Right now they don't seem to be sure. Like my word isn't deutsche teen porn good
enough because I'm your boyfriend. I wish we had more proof.""I love you. I love you more than ever," Ben said quietly.Douglas smiled. He and Ben both needed this coupling. They both needed to
physically show their immense love for each other.Ben found the lubrication they had been using and rubbed over Douglas's
butt. He kissed his boyfriend again and the lubed his own boner. He raised
Douglas's legs and pushed himself up against his rose. Douglas moaned in
anticipation. Ben pushed against it, pushed into it, and then slid all the
way inside. Douglas grunted with momentary pain, then got used the feel of
Ben being inside him. It was like he was meant to be there.Ben started some slow thrusts, then sped up, going a little deeper, a little
faster, a little harder with each one. Douglas instinctively squeezed down
in Ben's cock. Ben groaned from the feeling, stopped, gave Douglas a hard
deep kiss, and continued his thrusting.The pace kept picking up, and soon Ben's trusting was wild, frenzied, almost
out of control. The sounds of sex echoed throughout the room, from the
squeaks of the bed, to the slap of Ben's balls on his lover's butt, to the
grunts and moans and curses and I love yous of the two teen boys. As young teen panties porn
much as
they didn't want the love making to end, the feelings were too much for the
young teens to overcome. Ben's thrusts rattled Douglas to the core. Douglas
squeezed, moaned, howled, and started spewing his cum over himself, his
first shot hitting his forehead, the covering his chest and belly. Ben
slammed Douglas with one, incredible, deep driving thrust and pumped his
teen cum into Douglas's insides. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over
both boys, and when they finally came down from their incredible orgasms,
Ben fell on Douglas, trying to catch his breath.The two boys turned side to side, feeling each other's laboring breath."Was it as good as you expected?" Ben asked."No. It was a hundred times better. Thanks for doing it tonight.""Anything for the one I love," Ben replied. "Anything."As if the love making was meant to be, their roommates didn't walk in until
a half hour later, long after they had broken their embrace and returned to
their own beds."Anybody here horny tonight?" Cody asked."No, I'm tired," Ben replied. "Big day tomorrow. Game one of baseball.""Wuss," Cody teen boys nude said good naturedly. But nobody argued. They were all tired.
Cody satisfied himself alone in the dark.MONDAY, MAY 16th
THE BIG BOARD FOR MONDAYScoring:Uniform Inspection (100 points)
LEXINGTON 15Basketball (30 points)
LEXINGTON: 0JV Basketball (15 points)
LEXINGTON: 0Swimming preliminaries (24 points)
LEXINGTON: 20Schedule of Events:1 Academics: Round 1
2. Wrestling Preliminaries
3. Baseball: Game 1
4. Calisthenics PreliminariesThe Lady Lex boys were stunned by the first day scores. A lot of their
budding confidence disappeared. The first day had been a disaster.The second day would prove to be a little bit better. In the academic
competition only Scooter seemed to be able to answer a string of questions,
but twice he got hung up on spelling words before he could complete teen titans porn animations a
string. Howard Marsh, the freshman representative of the Orion took
advantage of every spelling error. Scooter, however, was able to take
advantage of a couple of Howard's math mistakes to keep competitive. The
other grades didn't fare nearly as well, however, and the Orion won all the
points in the first round.They fared better in wrestling. The Lady Lex boys were tough, and once they
learned the rules of wrestling they proved themselves fierce competitors.
Emmett had the easiest win, while Duncan was happy to find out that the best
wrestler on the "Orion", Tim Whitaker, was changed from the wrestling team
to the sword fighting team by Todd, the cadet XO.Calisthenics were just that. Sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, and more
difficult and sophisticated exercises. The competition was even here as
well. Colonel Stone and his marines had done a good job of getting the Lady
Lex boys into shape, and here that hard work paid off. The Lady Lex boys
actually managed to outscore the "Orion".The JV game started at nine in the morning. It wasn't a pretty affair. Lousy
practice conditions, a lack of talent and experience, nerves, plus missing
Trevor all worked against the team as they lost 14-1 in a game that went
only five innings thanks to the ten run dirty teen sex
mercy rule.Eric was the starting pitcher for the varsity, and he managed to hold the
"Orion" players in check for the first three innings as the Lady Lex
scratched teen titans porn animations out a 2-0 lead. But talented as he was, he was still a freshman
going against bigger, more experienced upper classmen. The Lady Lex was the
home team on the scoreboard. The top of the fourth took care of the lead as
Rich Zimmer hit a two run homer to tie the score. Rich hot dogged it all the
way around the bases, making sure Eric saw each gesture. The "Orion" scored
two more runs, and as the runs came across they made a pointed effort of
celebrating.In the bottom of the fourth the first two batters struck out. Douglas was at
the plate with a 2-2 count when Curtis, the "Orion" pitcher rared back and
fired his best fastball, leaving Douglas swinging at air. Curtis did a
little dance as he came off the field. The Lady Lex boys all figured they'd
been much too kind in their revenge on the "Orion" cadets.But the boorish behavior brought about three reactions that the boys of Lady
Lex didn't forget. The first was the umpire stopping Curtis and whispering
something deutsche teen porn in his ear. The second was Captain Hunter calling his team
together and obviously chewing them out. The third, and the one that
impacted them the most, was a dozen crewmen from the "Cape Intrepid" getting
up from the bleachers on the "Orion" side of the field and going to the Lady
Lex bleachers."We thought we'd sit on the classy side of the field," one of them said
loudly. Class was not something one had ever associated with most of the
boys of the Lady Lex. Doc Daniels, the coach, smiled inwardly. A moment of
pride hit the members of the baseball team. One of the things that had been
drilled into them all week was the issue of class. Of not playing the games
the "Orion" was going to play. Of not taking their bait and falling into the
trap of name calling and taunting that the rich, spoiled boys of the "Orion"
would try to draw them into. So far the Lady Lex boys had been doing their
best, which had not been easy for a group of hardened street kids used to
having their way. This was the first time their attitude had been recognized
and it meant a lot to them. What they didn't know was the crew of the "Cape
Intrepid" not only respected them for keeping their mouths closed on the
field, but also for leaving having the cajones to leave their teen girls no porn calling card
after they had been truly insulted. Every purple skinned boy was a reminder
that the boys of the Lady Lex could only be pushed so far, and after that
somebody was going to be very sorry.The fifth inning was a teen free webcam porn
disaster for the Lady Lex. They were young and thin
on pitching. The free teen porn thumbnails "Orion" scored eight runs, taking ten run lead. If the Lady
Lex didn't score in the bottom of the inning they would be ten-runned just
like the JV had been. With two outs in the inning and nobody on, Derek, the
new pitcher, left a fastball out over the plate to Ben, and he sent it
sailing over the left field fence. The Lady Lex boys cheered like they had
just won the game. They would be playing one more inning.Dusty came in as the new pitcher. He bore down hard and got the side out in
order. Now, no matter what happened, they would play a full seven innings.
The Lady Lex boys saw that as a triumph. They eked out one more run in the
sixth, and gave up two in the seventh to lose 14-4. The "Orion" might have
defeated them by ten runs, but it took them a full seven innings to do it.At dinner there were a couple of encouraging speeches, but the boys were
somewhat down. There were five days of competition left, but they could
already tell they didn't stand a chance of beating the Orion. For a group of
boys who had always looked for instant gratification, telling them that all
this was building for the future didn't have much effect. They wanted to see
results now.One thing that did raise their spirits some, whoever, was a message from the
captain of the "Cape Intrepid" telling how impressed he was with their
attitudes and hard work. Nobody realized it at the time, but getting that
recognition from an outside path was one of the major things that kept the
Lady Lex boys from deteriorating from a crew into a rabble. Because other
than that message written to them, they saw very little to be encouraged
about or to fight for.TUESDAY, MAY 17thTHE BIG BOARD FOR TUESDAYScoring:Academics Round 1 (30 points)
LADY LEX: 8Wrestling Prelims (30 points)
LADY LEX: 15Calisthenics Prelims (30 points)
LADY LEX: 20JV Baseball (15 points)
LADY LEX: 0Varsity Baseball (30 points)
LADY LEX 63Schedule for Tuesday1. Basketball Game 2
2. Hockey Game 1
4. Sword fighting Prelims
5. Track prelims
6. Swimming finals
7. Rowing prelimsTuesday was another long day for the Lady Lex. In basketball they didn't
stand a chance and they knew it. The second game scores were as ugly as the
first, with the "Orion" JV winning 66-21 and the varsity winning 59-33.Hockey started out even worse, because both the crew and the cadets thought
they might be decent in hockey. The varsity got ripped 10-0 and the JV fared
almost as badly, losing 7-1. The Gerbil scored the only goal in two games
for the Lady Lex.Sword fighting was just as bad. The Lady Lex lost every match in the
preliminary rounds.The only bright spot was in track and cross country. Amanda Creevey's
training program had been a tough one, but effective. The Lady Lex boys
either won or placed is teen porn real
in each event of the preliminary round.Swimming and rowing were equal disasters. As good at Alan was in swimming,
Todd was better. Todd had used the preliminaries to judge the competition,
but in the finals he knew exactly what he needed to do, and he did it. As
for rowing, many of the "Orion" boys had grown up around boats of some kind.
The Lady Lex boys were still trying to find their rhythm, and their opponent
left them in their wake with their precision.The boys went to bed knowing they had been humiliated for yet another day.WEDNESDAY, MAY 18thThe big board told it all. TUESDAY'S SCORES: ORION: 181 LADY LEX: 18.
TOTAL SCORES: ORION: 429 LADY LEX: 81.Wednesday's schedule consisted of the second baseball games, the weapons
competition prelims, the academic finals, the second hockey games, the
tennis prelims, and the calisthenics finals.The JV baseball team, after being blown out in the first game, surprised the
"Orion" and themselves by battling back in the second game. They fell behind
by four runs early, but a single by Nipper in the fourth was followed by a
two run homer by Andrew, cutting the deficit to two. The JV team played on a
smaller field than the varsity, with the fences closer in, and Andrew's shot
was a line drive that shot out of the ballpark. Nipper made two diving stops
at second to take away base hits, with Andrew making a great scoop of one of
Nipper's throws as it hit the dirt in front of him. Heath and Chandler
pitched well, but the "Orion" hung on for a 5-3 win. Still, the Lady Lex
boys saw what they could do when they worked hard and quit feeling sorry for
themselves.Douglas was the starting pitcher for the varsity. He had hoped to be matched
against David, but it wasn't to be. David was slated by Captain Hunter to
start the third game. While David had twice beat out Douglas as the number
one pitcher on their school team, they played on different teams during the
summer. Between 5th and 9th grades they had faced each other six times, with
David winning all six matches. Each game had been close with some little
mistake by him or a teammate always seeming to do him in. After losing 2-1
in a game the summer after 8th grade David told Douglas he was never going
to beat him."You want to put money on it?" teen porn gallires Douglas asked."Sure. Fifty bucks says I beat you next game," David said."You're on."Both boys dug deep into their savings and had an agreed upon friend hold the
money. Three weeks later they were slated to face each other again. Just
before the game, the friend returned Douglas's money to him."David decided not to," he said. "He said it's wrong to bet on your own
games." David then proceeded to pitch a two hit 3-0 shutout. As usual,
Douglas pitched well, but not well enough. After the game Douglas confronted
David."You wussed out.""No. I decided it was wrong. I knew I would beat you. And I did, orgies teen
didn't I?
Got into your head didn't I?. I can see your thinking. David wusses out
because he's afraid of me and he's going to pitch like crap this game.
Didn't happen did it? You will never beat me, Douglas. At anything. Ever."That was the last time the two of them faced each other as pitchers. Their
next scheduled confrontation, the school election meant little, because
David was accepted as a cadet on the "Orion". And now, he had lost two more
times to David, not to mention being behind in the full competition. When
the boys shook hands after the game, teen titans porn teen David said nothing. He just gave
Douglas a look that said, "You're scum Douglas. You always were scum, and
you always will be scum."The weapons competition ended up being another one the Lady Lex boys dirty teen sex
good at. In fact they ended up winning most of the rounds and gaining some
points. They also continued to pile up points in the calisthenics finals.
Harrison Wolfe preached concentration to his academic team as they competed
with much more confidence in the finals than they did in the preliminaries.
Tennis, however, was another rich boy sport that they had little affinity
for, and the "Orion" stomped on them.In hockey, the Lady Lex boys also showed free teen porn thumbnails their mettle. They might be
overmatched in some areas, but they weren't going to lie down and let the
"Orion" walk over them. In many areas they weren't as bad as they had looked
at the start. The JV team battled in more ways than one.RJ "Gerbil" Polaski slammed into the teen masterbation porn
glass on the rink as two players from
the "Orion" crashed into him. The puck was intercepted and taken down the
rink and the puck flew past the Lexington's goalie, Santos. The Orion's JV
team scored yet another goal. Gerbil wasn't pleased when he looked at the
score board. It read Orion 5 Lexington 0. And there were only two minutes
left to drunken teen porn
the game. What really irritated Gerbil is that Orion's JV star
player, France Bestir, achieved a hat trick.Carson took the Puck and ran with it. An Orion player came out of nowhere
and collided with little teen porn pictures Carson just as he took the shot. Carson ran hard into
Gerbil who was right there. The puck xxx teen porn gallery skittered across the ice. The Orion
goalie tried to block it, but he missed it. The Lexington had scored thus
preventing a shut out.As the final seconds of the game were played out, Gerbil and Carson had to
sit in the penalty box for fighting with the Orion player who knocked Carson
off his feet and into Gerbil. Gerbil and Carson watched the final second
tick away and then the final score being 5-1.The Lady Lex may have lost the
game, but the Lady Lex boys showed they were willing to battle anybody.The varsity had a closer game, losing 4-2, with two goals by Mark Hatcher
being the difference. Steven Hatcher couldn't help but have mixed emotions
as teen porn games online he watched his older son beat the team he was coaching. Why couldn't I
have him and they have Jesse? he thought. With Mark on our side we could
take the Olympics.Some of the more active boys sat in the makeshift lounge after dinner
discussing the day's events."Too bad you couldn't convince your dad to let you pitch against David. I
know how badly you wanted to," Ben said to Douglas."He said we have to leave our personal battles behind and concentrate on the
team. But, Dammit, Ben, I wanted it bad.""You'll get your chance in the Olympics," Mike said."Not if dad has his way," Douglas replied dejectedly."You know, we didn't do badly today," Mike said. "We made our games closer.
We won some things. We be getting out butts kicked, but we're all learning
things. And I think we're getting their respect. Hell," he added with a
smile, "Gerbil and Carson even got into a fight in hockey."At the same time in Ocean Lakes some of the "Orion" cadets were strutting
proudly."They can color our skin any color they want," Parker Runningbear said. "But
they're still a bunch of losers. We are kicking their ass.""And will continue to do so," David said. "This week and in the Olympics.
Todd might have apologized for our sign, but it was right. They're losers
and they don't belong.""Don't be so sure," Tim Whitaker said. "We had a lot tougher time with them
the second games than in the first. They sure as hell aren't laying down and
dying like some of us expected.""We got a little overconfident," Brandon Ditamin said. "The third games will
nail their coffins shut. They won't even want to show up for the Olympics.""Not if we can help it," David said with a sneer.The next day would be a much different day. Thursday was the say of the war
games. THURSDAY, free teen porn thumbnails
MAY 19TH.The Lady Lex boys looked at the big board and frowned. They once again
thought, hot uncensored teen porn why bother, we can't win. And like they had every morning they took
a deep breath, and like ann marie porn teen the street kids they were, vowed to battle yet one
more time, if for no other reason than to earn the respect free xxx teen of their
opponents. They were all saddened to learn the "Cape Intrepid" would be
leaving that afternoon. Their crew members, almost to a man, had non nude teen panties
adopted the
cadets of the Lady Lex. They admired their spunk and teen porn gallires bulldog attitude. After
starting by cheering for the "Orion" they soon realized the boys of the
fleet's elite academy ship were too rich, too spoiled, too cocky. 2 lips teen lesbians The Lady
Lex boys fit the down teen titans porn teen in the mud attitude of the "Cape Intrepid" crew much
better.The captain of the "Cape Intrepid" let the boys know they were scheduled to
re-supply some of the ships on watch at the Olympics and they'd be there
cheering them on. For the first time, the Lady Lex had friends in the fleet.Yet, the big board didn't lie. WEDNESDAY SCORES: ORION: 152 LADY LEX: 52.
TOTAL SCORES: ORION: 581 LEXINGTON 133.The schedule for Thursday was simple. The entire day was war games. War
games was something the street kids of the Lady Lex felt they could compete
in. A lot of points were at stake. Not enough to make a difference as to
whom the final winner would be, but enough to fight for. But it was not only
points they would be fighting for, but pride as well. The boys had worked
hard in this phase of their training. Even with their lack of experience,
they felt as if they could compete.The "Orion" had left a sign on a wall of their quarters that had read "GO
HERE!!!" So far the Lady Lex cadets had been able to pick themselves up
after each humiliation, brush themselves off, and teen titans porn animations
keep competing. The senior
officers of the Lady Lex and the "Orion", the crew of the "Bon Homme
Richard", the crew of the "Cape Intrepid", and begrudgingly, the cadets of
the "Orion" had been impressed with the resiliency of the Lady Lex cadets.
But the war games were big, and nobody knew how the Lady Lex boys would
react to being humiliated. Even the fighters could only take so much losing.
Already a lot of boys were thinking the "Orion" was right. They didn't
belong. They didn't deserve to be competing.To be continued....
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